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I'm a video producer, content and marketing strategist for businesses, brands, entrepreneurs and artists.

based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Germany, available worldwide. 

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... is the best format to show what your business, product or talent is about. Creating the perfect ambience and mood, in combination with a strong and emotive message will impress and convince your customers, followers or fans. Go to Video Portfolio


... good quality photos are essential to show your business' soul on Social Media and your website, and it's the perfect complementary content to videos. Go to Photo Gallery


... if you are still struggling with finding your way into Social Media and Content Creation, I can help you: online and offline. Let's find out about your strength, your USP and your voice, together! Send me a message!


...many years of experience as a musician and music producer represent my other passion: Sound Engineering and Music! Be it music for film, sound design or mixing for music artists.  Find out more...

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Ben Kastl

My videography career started while being a music producer, shooting documentary styled music videos for artists, traveling around the globe. Now, my work also includes video and photography for businesses, entrepreneurs or influencers. And I’m happy to contribute to their success, always seeking the perfect solution for their problems. Being the marketing and creative director of one of the most renowned cosmetic dentists in Spain, I have gained a profound expertise in digital and content marketing.
After living in Germany and South America, I’m now based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, but I still love traveling to wherever my skills are needed.

- Life’s better when you create stuff ! -

Benjamin Kastl

Videographer & Creative Mind

Ben Kastl
Professional Video, Photo & Digital Marketing

based in Mallorca - available worldwide

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